Privacy Policy

ITD expert direct has prepared this privacy policy to protect personal information.They offer you (Personal Information) at the site to contact the ITD expert direct.

Collection of Personal Information

  1. For ease of service. Services to all users with access to the website of the ITD expert direct website so. Storing the new bub Personal Information such as your e - mail address (E - mail Address) Name (Name) to live or work. (Home or Work Address) Zip (ZIP Code) or telephone (Telephone Number) etc.
  2. In case you are applying (Sign Up) to register.Or to use one. ITD expert direct will collect Your personal info rmation including gender (Sex) Age (Gender).
  3. Moreover , to survey the popularity of the service that will be helpful in using statistics to improve. Quality in the Services of the ITD expert direct, it is necessary to collect data. Some include your IP. (IP Address) type of the browser (Browser Type) Domain name (Domain Name) from a web page (Web Page) of.Sites that users visit Time Time to visit the site (Access Times) and websites that users can access earlier (Referring.Website Addresses)
  4. ITD expert direct We recommend that you check the privacy policy ( Privacy Policy ) of the site . Linked from this site To know and understand that such sites collect, use . Or action More information Individuals of you? The ITD expert direct Can not declare Or undertake any action as it is. Posted on the website as. And are not responsible for any If these sites are not Operating or performing any. Privacy policy is posted to the website.

Use of personal information

  1. ITD expert direct Use of personal data Just as necessary as your name and address to contact for servic es. public relations Or provide information, including the various surveys. Your business or activities of the ITD expert direct. only civilians
  2. ITD expert direct certifies that the information is not.Personal information was collected at the ITD expert direct to sell. Published to third parties unless authorized by you.

Right to control your personal information

  1. For the sake of maintaining the privacy of persons.Have the right to choose to use or share personal information about you or. May choose not to receive information. Or marketing materials or in any ITD expert direct. By simply filling out the form.

Security for personal data

  1. For the sake of maintaining the confidentiality and security of your personal information for the ITD expert direct has set. Rules for the agency to determine the right of access to or use of your personal information . And to maintain the confidentiality and integrity. Security of information, some of which are particularly important , such as credit card numbers, etc. The ITD expert direct , it has provided. Communication channels Safe for such information , such as data encryption . Provide for the use of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol , etc.

The use of cookies (Cookies)

A "cookie" is information sent to the ITD expert direct,the site via browser (Web browser) and service user. When it is installed Such information in your system if you have to use " cookies " to make the website of the ITD expert direct to record or remember.User data to services Until the user is removed from the site via browser or until the user is made ​​to delete the " cookies " that. Broken or does not allow " cookies " that work anymore .If you choose to use "cookies" and you will receive.Comfort in surfing More sites as "cookies " to help remember the sites you visit, or visit the ITD expert directto bring the " cookies " are . Save or collected to be used in the statistical analysis.Or other activities of the ITD expert direct to improve the quality.Service to the ITD expert direct.

Policies to improve the protection of personal information

  1. ITD expert direct May be updated or revised privacy policy without prior notice to you.This is to the right page And effective service.The ITD expert direct recommends that service users.Read the privacy policy when ever you visit. Or with use of the site. The ITD expert direct Policy to protect personal information and to contact the ITD expert direct.
  2. In case you have any questions , suggestions or comments yet. About the privacy policies or practices. To answer questions, listen to suggestions and feedback.They will be useful To update Services of the ITD expert direct. Next , you can interact with. ITD expert direct at the address.